The Company

Tensocielo is an Italian company specialized in the realization of ceilings and, particularly, of stretch ceilings in PVC, tensed by the use of heat (thermo-tense).

The stretch ceiling is an element that combines beautiful aesthetics with excellent functional performance (better warmth, perfect acoustics, excellent waterproofing and better lighting). Due to their beauty and versatility, it is used successfully both in private apartments or public spaces.

Stretch Ceiling

The stretch ceiling

The PVC thermo-tense membranes are inserted in general in the sector of ceilings and coatings. Compared to a traditional plaster ceiling, a stretch ceiling is more practical, it is installed in a day without dirtying, it doesn´t need masonry works, it can be replaced in interchangeable way, it absorbs sound, it offers about ten solutions with an incredible visual impact and more. (See comparative chart).

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We manufacture stretch ceilings of all shapes and dimensions, customized solutions for every need. Our experts will support you in every phase of the project, from concept to the final work. We will find the best solution in terms of functionality and design for any type of environment (houses, offices, health facilities, shops, hotels, boats, etc.)


Always a different atmosphere, with a suggestive visual impact and unique lighting effects. The PVC stretch ceiling can be backlit and our light architects are able to optimize the spread and choose the best lighting device for every case.


We distribute throughout the national territory a stretch ceiling technically advanced developed after extensive market research. There are hundreds partner companies in all over Italy formed in our company. We always offer competitive price and high quality standards.

Linea Parati in Tessuti

La nuova frontiera dei rivestimenti per pareti e soffitti riparte dal tessuto: il richiamo al calore degli ambienti di una volta, l’eleganza, lo stile, la raffinatezza mescolati ad una freschezza e contemporaneità che rendono queste nuove soluzioni incredibilmente innovative. Nuove idee che possono caratterizzare gli ambienti in modo originale e diverso dalla più comune carta da parati, senza compromessi sulla qualità di stampa, i colori e le dimensioni dei teli e con tanti altri vantaggi.
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