Questions, answers and information on the stretch ceiling

What are the dimension limits of a sheet?

The dimension limit of a single sheet is of 50 square meters, beyond which a technical profile of separation must be positioned in order to avoid the “tent effect”. Besides these measures, it is possible to install a single sheet but, in addition to the risk to breakage during the assembly, it is essential to apply it at a height of at least 5-6 meters, making not visible the “tent effect”. In technical terms, for the first 2 meters the “arrow” is zero, and for each additional meter the lowering of the sheet is of 1 cm.

What forms are realizable with the PVC sheet?

All types of forms are realizable, requiring only a metallic substructure or the employ of “vertebral/spine” profiles along the surface perimeter to be covered. Find some possible forms illustrated in the photo gallery.

How many colors are currently available?

Over than 250 colors are available and finishes can be of different types including: lacquered, translucent, metallic, satin, opaque, micro perforated, flocked, acoustic.

What are the dimensions of the sheet without welding?

The welds of the sheets (performed in the factory at high frequency) are variable according to the type of fabric used (from 1,62mt for lacquered to 2,56mt for translucent), and can be positioned according to the requirements of the customer project. Although welds are visible to the human eye, particularly on translucent sheets, it does not cause any aesthetic discomfort (all the fabrics have a height and there is no dress without seams). The stretch ceiling is like a dress tailor made. In cases when welding is not acceptable, it is possible to install technical profiles that mark in more evident way a design on the ceiling.

On a single sheet, may be inserted and welded other sheets of a different finish?

Yes, it is possible to combine sheets of different finishes for the same surface.

What is the time of execution for the ceiling installation?

The execution of Tensocielo ceiling and wall is known for its speed of installation. If the room is free at a height of 4,3 meters, it is possible to install over than 90 square meters in a day in three people. If the ceiling has many corners and accessories to be incorporated, time of execution will be extended considerably.

Is the stretch ceiling inspectable?

Sheets can cover an entire surface (room or other) and are inspectable on each point to “n. times”, always with the use of warm air generator. If you have a doubt about this material, by now proven for over 40 years, it is possible to build panels for inspection of every shape and dimension with visible or hidden structure or according to a special sketch.

How is the maintenance of the sheet?

All types of sheets, except translucent sheets, have no need of maintenance due to its anti-static qualities. Maintenance is required only for translucent sheets: replacement of lamps and the removing of dust. Generally, the light source used for the backlit in a translucent sheet is neon lamp with duration of at least 30.000 hours; this means a life of around one year and a half if turned on 24 hours a day. As it hardly happens, we say that the maintenance should be done every two years for lamps replacement and cleaning cloth.

How much will maintenance cost?

Maintenance has the hourly cost of a specialized worker, in addition to the call that has a fixed cost. The operation of removal and re-assemblage is very quick.

Can I performe maintenance and cleaning by myself? What is needed?

Maintenance can be self-made with the use of a warm air generator and two spatulas that you can buy from our company. Obviously, this is a sensitive material and a hasty maneuver might be able to damage it. For sheets without any type of installation above it, there will be no maintenance requirements.

Over time, may the sheets become loose or discolored?

The sheets are installed with a temperature of about 60-70 degrees inside the room and are stretched from a reduction of 7%, so their “slackening” is mathematically impossible. Regarding to the discoloration, it will be occur if the sheets are not in directed exposed to sunlight.

What rules should be followed for the correct backlight?

It depends on the lighting demands, in fact, we may need a compact or perimeter lighting. In both cases, however, it is possible to dim the light intensity (change the intensity of the lights). The minimum distance between the light source (neon) and the fabric is of at least 20 cm. We indicate the same distance between the neons. For cable lengths exceeding those permitted by the neon is necessary to effect an overlap of the fluorescent tube of at least 10 cm (avoid placing the lamps head to head) in order to avoid the ugly effect of “light/shadow/light/shadow”. If is not available the appropriate height (at least 20cm between thermo-tense sheet and lamp), it is possible to use LEDs, reducing the minimum distance required to 15cm.

Is it possible to install a thermo-tense sheet outdoors? (gardens, gazebo, …)

No, the thermo-tense sheets cannot be installed into outdoors environments, especially when in direct exposition to sunlight and weather. This usage would results in a rapid deterioration to the physical characteristics of the sheet. One exception is the installation of the sheets below canopies and marquee.

Is it possible to install a thermo-tense sheet bellow a skylight?

In case sheets are placed in at skylights, it is recommended to cover the glasses with a protective film against UV rays, to prevent damage or yellowing of the sheets. However, it is not advisable to use protection against UV rays at glass blocks since the film does not adhere perfectly to the skylight, there will be the risk of detachment and consequent falling on the sheet. In these cases, it is advisable to screen the glass block, otherwise, directly from the outside.

How long does it take from the order of production to the delivery of the sheet?

About 15 days, varying depending on the amount of orders being processed at the time the order is made.

When the sheet can be installated? What should be the conditions on the site?

The thermo-tense sheets must be among the last work to do inside a construction site. In general, at the time of their installation shouldn´t be workings that can damage the sheets, powders or moving furniture. In short, the surfaces to which are going to snap the guides for our sheets (plasterboards, masonry, etc) must be done (plastered/ grouted, trimmed/ smoothed and painted).

How long does the warranty of the sheets last? What kind of damage is covered?

The warranty of our thermo-tense sheets has duration of ten years against any manufacturing defect and for possible opening of the welds. Accidental damages are not covered by warranty. (rips/strain/tears, burns, damages,…)