Il soffitto teso

Stretch ceiling

The stretch ceilings are membranes made of a shape-memory polymer. The system of assemblage is very simple and consists of a perimeter frame and a sheet held in tension on the profile through a harpoon semi-rigid welded on the sheet itself.

The stretch ceilings are produced with a reduction of 7% compared to the size of the space. Then when heated through a hot-air generator dilate until reaching the perimeter anchoring system (profile).

Once brought to room temperature, the sheet tries to return to its original position but remains hooked up to the coupling system. This system allows the removal and replacement of the sheet for an infinite number of times without altering the properties of the ceiling.

The stretch ceiling can cover any shape and dimension, it is possible to create complex shapes such as vaults and domes. It can cover 50 square meters without vertical suspensions and without suffering deformation due to its weight. It is possible to incorporate any suspension element or interlocking as spotlights or vents.


The stretch ceiling can be printed, painted, backlit, lacquered, metallic, satin, translucent, micro-perforated, mirror. It can become exactly anything that you desire.

Besides that, it is waterproof, washable, permeable to vapor and its material is absolutely hygienic and non-toxic, maintenance-free and certified with all the required certificated to the resistance to the fire.


Method of installation

The application of the stretch ceiling is done with the use of hot air generators, which heats the environment and allows the expansion of the molecules of the cloth. After that, it is possible to work with it. The sheet is led toward the profile of hook up, when the temperature is back to normal, it tries to return to the original position but remains inserted.

The stretch ceiling can be easily disassembled and re-assembled, partially or totally, for an infinite number of times. Once installed doesn’t need maintenance unless it is a backlit ceiling, which requires periodic replacement of lamps. Any maintenance can be guaranteed by our network service but if it is necessary is possible to ask for ready-made forms.


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