Plaster ceilings

Easy to install, the plaster ceiling allows you to create fast monolithic flat and curved surfaces. They are excellent solutions for acoustic noise isolation. Essential for the execution of joint share horizontal bands links, vertical veils and acoustic baffles.

Mineral Fiber ceilings

Modular panels of 60x60cm on visible structure. It can suit any space and be used in all kinds of environments. His high sound absorption adapts it in places with high noise levels; it is fire resistance, which allows it to be used in fire risk places.

Crystal ceilings

Tensocielo proposes a system for ceilings that uses a metallic element in “spider” shape hooked to the supporting structure by hangers, to which it is possible to anchor panels of any material, in particular crystal, but also wood, metal sheets, melamine. The panels are always custom based on the pattern of the room. They are inspectable. The possibility to use simultaneously different materials and colors offers a wide range of options to designers.

Acoustic ceilings

Among the various acoustic materials offered by our company we highlight, the innovative acoustic stretched membranes in PVC. It is a membrane made of polyvinyl chloride having about 4.000 micro-holes/square meters. The technique of sound absorption is very effective: The micro-perforation holes convert sound energy into heat energy. An excellent performance individually but is also possible to unite a special “acoustic absorbing” mat EDILFIBER to amplify the extraordinary capacity of acoustic absorption by setting it at a certain distance from the sheet.

PVC Stretched membranes/sheets

Tensocielo proposes a different line of membranes for interiors but also applicable for outside. The system allows any operator to effect the interventions of disassembly and reassembly because they are applied with elastic cords or steel springs easily removable. The system also includes a great variety of textures and colors that allows you to express your creativity to the maximum. The advantages of Batyline® in interiors have definitely proven their technical and aesthetic performance: lightness, flexibility and freedom of shapes, mechanical resistance, effects of matter and light, resistance in humid environments, acoustic comfort, durability, environmental quality, and recyclability. Download technical brochures connecting to the site:

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